Alienware 17in Laptop: Why Should Gamers Choose This Laptop?

You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re a gamer who has to travel a lot. PCs and Desktops have long regarded as the finest alternatives for gamers. It’s time to move on from that way of thinking and try something new, while still acknowledging the limits of desktop and laptop computers. PCs and desktops are an awful choice for someone who has to travel a lot but enjoys gaming. Alienware 17 gaming laptops are the greatest alternative for these folks, not just any laptop.

When we talk about high-end gaming laptops, we’re referring to computers that specifically designed for enhancing the gaming experience. Many components are required to get the most enjoyment out of a game, including an excellent display, outstanding graphics and audio, an exceedingly fast CPU, and many more. We’re here to help you figure out which laptop will provide you with all of these benefits. As a gaming enthusiast, you should consider the Alienware 17in Laptop as one of your options.

Alienware 17-inch Laptop – What Is It?

Alienware gaming laptops are some of the greatest laptops exactly designed for gaming. A prototype of the gadget create and released to the public at the end of 2013 for the first time. As of this writing, the laptop has been on the market for eight years, and it continues to be one of the best gaming laptops on the market.

The gaming laptop’s screen is 17.3 inches in length, which is a touch more than 17 inches in width. Alienware M17x is an updated version of the Alienware M17x gaming laptop. It goes by a different name in different parts of the world. M17x R5 Ranger is another common moniker for this prior generation of Alienware 17in Laptops.

Alienware 17-inch Laptop’s History

Gaming laptops have been available in a variety of configurations over the years. With each new release, older versions become less and less relevant, and as a result, they are produced at a limited volume, with the bulk of the production budget going toward the newer models instead.

Here are the versions for Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop: 

The Alienware 17

It was the year 2013 and Intel Haswell CPUs regarded to be the most powerful and efficient in the world. The Alienware 17 gaming laptop has Nvidia GeForce 700 series GPUs, as well as a new body design and makeover for the AMD R9 M290X. A total of 32 GB of RAM may be accessible through the device’s four RAM slots, each of which can accommodate 8 GB of RAM. It is possible to adjust the screen resolution from 1600×900 to 1920×1080p.

The Alienware 17 R2

In 2015, the Alienware 17 second-generation gaming laptop hit the market. The laptop’s GPUs, which firstly Nvidia GeForce 700s, upgraded to the newer and superior Nvidia GeForce 900s. The laptop also has a matte FHD display, as well as a touch-sensitive FHD display. It had a port on the backside of the graphic amp. GPU and CPU moved to a BGA-mounted package in the second revision of the board. This was a drawback because the CPU or GPU could only be upgraded by replacing the device’s motherboard.

HP Pavilion 15 DV6

Third in a series of gaming laptops that have updated and improved upon. Laptop users now have access to Windows 10. This time around, there are two RAM slots with a 16 GB configuration each, allowing the laptop to have a total of 32 GB of RAM. It is now possible to buy a monitor that has FHD Overclocking.

The Alienware 17 R4

The series relaunched at the end of 2016 with this iteration. The laptop is equipped with Tobii eye-tracking technology. The laptop may accommodate Nvidia’s GeForce 1000 series cards. Everything else remained the same save for these changes.


You should now understand why the Alienware 17 gaming laptop is considered to be one of the greatest gaming laptops after reading this in-depth explanation.