9 Instagram Story Tips For Small Business Owners

There are more than 500 million people who watch Instagram stories daily. Many influencers and marketers find the best way to interact with their audience through Instagram stories. It makes it clear that Instagram Stories should be part of every account’s marketing strategy nowadays. Users may regret your feed posts but can’t avoid your stories. Here are some of the best tips to capture the audience for your business through Instagram stories.

#1: Showcase your product 

Post an attractive and clear image with a great description to promote your products or services to your potential audience. You can introduce feature updates about your products more effectively with an Instagram story. Moreover, you could also use Instagram ads to gain more viewers for your latest products. The more you showcase your product on Instagram, the better engagement you’ll receive for your Instagram account. 

#2: Highlight Your Achievements

When someone purchases your product, you can post it in your story and highlight it on your page. Instagram stories highlights are one of the most valuable features that allow you to showcase your content to your followers permanently and transform your small business into a brand seamlessly. It will help your audience to know that your products are trustworthy. 

#3: Reposting 

It is quite normal to run out of content ideas as an Instagrammer. Now, just scroll down your page to spot the content that has so far received the least engagement. Why don’t you try to repost the same with appropriate hashtags? Yes, this would work. To add up, you could use emojis, stickers, and funny descriptions to make your content appealing to a large set of your target audience.

#4: Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are the key to content engagement on social media platforms. Use suitable hashtags while posting your content to acquire higher reach for your Instagram profile. If you use a hashtag, your content will appear when users search for that particular keyword or hashtag. Including appropriate hashtags is one of the easiest ways to make your Instagram content appear when users perform a search for that particular keyword or hashtag.

#5: Sharing out the experience

A great way to gain the trust of new customers is to post customer reviews on Instagram stories. It will boost you to gain new customers with confidence. You can ask your customers to review the product that they purchased recently.

#6: Creating exposure 

Gaining wider exposure and increasing brand awareness is easier with Instagram stories. You may collaborate with Influencers to create awareness about your brand or products, which can make a good turn up your Instagram reach. Every image or video posted on your page essentially has your brand identity.

#7: Zero hours or countdowns 

Everyone shows interest in the countdown and limited-time offers. Use countdown stickers in your videos to instantly raise your audience’s expectations. Excite your followers by showing upcoming product launches. Sales will increase massively when you add a countdown timer or limited-time offers on your promotions in Instagram stories.

#8: Create Positive Vibes

Posting positive and motivational quotes to your stories attracts potential audiences to your profile and improves your reach on the platform. You can use some online editing tools to make a quote. Spreading positive vibes is one of the tricky ways to gain new followers. Nowadays, people show a lot of interest in motivational quotes as they are a huge source of inspiration. So, motivational quotes are a surefire technique to keep your audience engaged forever.

#9: Product update

Updating your product and sharing information on your Instagram story is the best approach to make product promotion and brand awareness. Posting product images with a link lets your audience know about your product updates. You can launch products by posting stories comprising attractive images and catchy descriptions. 


In this article, we discussed why Instagram stories are essential for your business development and Instagram reach. IG stories are the best option for grabbing a new audience for your business profile and getting more reach on Instagram. Instagram stories allow you to interact with your audience and let them tell you what they want from you.