4+ Online Money-Paying Android Apps That May Use 

Humans have a basic need to earn money since money is the only desired thing in the world. In this article, we will go into depth about Android Apps that offer you money. Using the below-mentioned Google Play app, anyone may earn additional money while going about their daily business as usual.

There are a variety of available Android applications on the Google Play store right now. It’s possible to get some software for free! It’s possible to get paid on these applications as you reach new levels in the games. These applications might help you earn more money.

Spending time on a smartphone is all you need to do to make money. The most essential thing to remember is that these applications only designed to supplement your income when you have spare time; They never use as a primary source of income or as a way to generate high revenue. 

1. Meesho-Resell (Work from Home)

It is the most popular Android Apps for making money online in India. Both a smartphone app and a Meesho app are required to sell products online. You may start your online resale business with over 3 lakh products and over 150 different categories to choose from. After registering this software, you may choose a product and send the product photograph to their WhatsApp and Facebook connections. There are several ways to earn additional commissions, including bonuses for exceeding sales goals.

Why is Meesho APP preferred? 

  • Superior items.
  • Lowest possible wholesale price 
  • Returns are simple to track.
  • The best customer service available.
  • COD Available
  • On-Time Payments and Money Safety
  • Improve customer base

2. EarnKaro-Share Deals & Make Money

A simple approach is provided by this method of making money. When we share product bargains with our friends and family, it allows us to work from the comfort of our own homes. Watch Earnkaro videos to discover how to make money on YouTube. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, this will a great option. Product deals may shared on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and many more. 

Products from Amazon, Flipkart, Mantra, and more than 1,500 more popular Indian websites may purchased. There are a wide variety of things on the market from electronics, fashion, travel, and food and groceries to health and beauty products. 

How to Earn Money? 

When a person’s EarnKaro link is shared and other people use it to make purchases, the person who shared the link gets paid. It is possible to transfer the money to a bank account or use the money to buy Amazon and Flipkart gift cards.

The EarnKaro Android Apps has a positive impact on your life:-

  • Easiest Reselling
  • Zero Invested Resources
  • Product of the Highest Quality
  • Possibility of Making a Purchase
  • Assisting customers

3. Stato- Money Earning Android Apps from WhatsApp

It’s a great app for people who want to upload status through WhatsApp. In both online and offline mode, you may upload & download status videos, photos, quotations. You can share your content on social channels like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and download it offline. 

The task has to complete with the Android Apps:

  • Search by keywords or the title of the user’s status
  • Expressing one’s feelings through the use of emoticons such as “Like,” “Love,” “Angry,” “Haha,” “WooW,” and “Sad”
  • The status comments section below
  • Share your status on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • A user’s video/image/quote/Gift status can posted
  • You may invite users and make money utilizing a referral code earning method
  • Ad-blocking subscription service

4. Qureka – Gaming Android Apps

It’s a gaming app that allows you to get money by completing challenging but enjoyable mental tasks.

Taking part in day-to-day quiz shows (Average of 25 programs each day.)

Participating in a quiz every hour to increase your chances of winning

A daily quest for greater winnings with the use of cricket and test preparation quizzes

If you take daily quizzes and participate in the Mega quiz of Rs 25,000 per week, you may earn more than one million rupees a day. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Qureka hosts a live quiz where you may win up to Rs.30,000 every 30 minutes. The live quizzes are currently accessible in English and Hindi. During a live quiz, Qureka offers you the chance to win coins that will assist you from being eliminate. To get points, players can participate in daily mini-quizzes. 

A variety of categories of questions include GK quizzes, sports quizzes, and math quizzes as well as questions about movies, celebrities, and other well-known people. Other topics covered include world affairs, business issues, literature, politics, the Indian Premier League, cricket records, the UPSC Exam, SSC Exam, and the Bank PO Exam.